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20 March 2018
The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) has announced the creation of a new team, set to be responsible for investigating possible breaches of the Higher Education Standards Fra
20 March 2018
The inaugural meeting of the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency’s (TEQSA) Student Expert Advisory Group has been in held in Canberra, gathering student representatives and the agency’s
20 March 2018
TEQSA has released practical guidance on how higher education providers can meet Government led initiatives to increase the transparency of admissions practices in the sector.
28 February 2018
TEQSA has welcomed proposed changes to professional accreditation practices which aim to reduce duplication and burden for higher education providers.
3 July 2018
TEQSA has been engaging with the higher education sector to establish a clear picture of what university and non-university higher education providers are doing to tackle the issue of sexual assaul