Our engagement with students

TEQSA recognises that in the post-pandemic environment there are major changes to the student experience. That’s why we are reviewing our student engagement approach to ensure we are best able to gain a diversity of perspectives from all cohorts of higher education students. Information on this page reflects our current approach and structures. This may change in the future.


Students are central to TEQSA’s role as the national higher education regulator and the organisation’s purpose statement reflects this:

TEQSA’s purpose is to protect student interests and the reputation of Australia’s higher education sector through a proportionate, risk-reflective approach to quality assurance that supports diversity, innovation and excellence.

TEQSA engages with students by working to understand student experiences and by providing information to students.

TEQSA considers student engagement as part of both its initial registration and re-registration processes. TEQSA’s course re-accreditation process considers providers’ internal student feedback systems (including complaints) and also how providers act on that feedback. Additionally, as part of its overall provider risk assessment, TEQSA considers available student data including progression, attrition and completion rates, student employment outcomes and student satisfaction.

To check your provider’s current status in respect to areas of TEQSA activity such as registration, course accreditation, and overall compliance, view our National Register.

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