Information for TEQSA external experts

Overview of TEQSA’s external experts

With higher education playing a critical role in driving innovation and productivity for Australia, and providing students the skills required for future success, TEQSA's work is more important than ever. Having access to a register of external experts helps us perform our regulatory functions efficiently and to a high standard.

TEQSA uses external experts to provide independent advice on specific, identified elements within our regulatory assessments and reviews. Our staff use input from external experts to provide advice that contributes to assessments of providers’ applications for:

  • registration as a higher education provider
  • renewal of registration as a higher education provider  
  • accreditation of a course of study
  • renewal of accreditation of a course of study.

It is important to note that external expert advice is only one input into our regulatory process and experts do not draft recommendations or make regulatory decisions. External experts are required to respond to specific briefs prepared by our staff on components of an application that have been identified by the assessment manager.

TEQSA’s register of external experts

External experts listed on the register should ensure that their details are correct and up to date at all times. You can advise us of any changes by emailing the team at

Conflict of interest and external experts

We treat confidentiality and managing conflicts of interest with external experts with the upmost seriousness.

External experts engaged by TEQSA are required to declare any real or perceived conflicts of interest that might arise before they undertake assignments for the agency.

Conflicts of interest could include: 

  • any financial interest in the assignment
  • any relatives or friends with an interest in the assignment
  • any personal bias or inclination which would affect decisions in relation to their assessment of an assignment
  • any personal obligation, allegiance or loyalty which would affect decisions in relation to the assignment
  • any employment history and/or prior contracts with the applicant involved in an assignment.

Existing external experts are obliged to notify us as soon as possible if they consider that they have any matters that need to be declared in light of the above, in addition to providing us with a conflict of interest declaration form annually. If you require the conflict of interest declaration form, it may be downloaded from the link below and returned to the team at:

Useful resources for external experts

External experts may find the below tip sheet, frequently asked questions document and walkthrough video helpful when using the portal:

External experts should ensure that their contact details are always up to date. You can advise us of any changes by emailing the team at:

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