RHEP invoices issued

TEQSA has today issued the 2024 Registered Higher Education Provider (RHEP) charge invoice and notice.

As part of TEQSA’s cost recovery phase-in arrangements, this year providers have been charged 50% of the RHEP base component, up from 20% in 2023.

This is the first year any providers will be invoiced for the compliance component of the RHEP charge.  

This component of the charge applies in relation to compliance activities, relevant only to a specific provider, commenced after 1 January 2023. Providers are required to pay for each relevant compliance-related activity undertaken in the previous calendar year.

If you are a higher education provider and have not yet received your invoice, or have any further questions, please email costrecovery@teqsa.gov.au.

More information about the RHEP charge and TEQSA’s fees and charges

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