Australian Universities Accord

The Australian Universities Accord was a 12-month review of Australia’s higher education system, led by a Panel of eminent Australians (the Panel).

The objective of the Accord was to devise recommendations and performance targets to improve the quality, accessibility, affordability and sustainability of higher education, in order to achieve long term security and prosperity for the sector and the nation.

TEQSA and the Accord

We engaged with and supported the Panel’s work ahead of the publication of the final report on 25 February 2024.

TEQSA was also a member of the Australian Universities Accord Ministerial Reference Group, which was chaired by the Minister for Education. The group included representatives of higher education institutions, business, staff, students and other experts.

TEQSA is continuing to work with the Department of Education and other stakeholders to support implementation of measures agreed to by the Australian Government following the publication of the interim report in 2023. We look forward to further engaging with the Department and other stakeholders once the Australian Government has delivered its response to the Accord.

TEQSA’s submissions to the Accord

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