Compliance priorities

Under the Compliance Monitoring Framework, we set compliance priorities within agreed risk tolerance parameters approved by TEQSA’s Commission.

These priorities guide our compliance monitoring activities for the greatest regulatory impact to protect students and the quality, integrity and reputation of the sector.

Our compliance priorities are reviewed on an annual basis to ensure they remain relevant and reflective of risk in the sector and are published in the annual compliance report.

Compliance priorities for 2023

Ensuring academic quality

Issues affecting academic quality, focusing on:

  • systemic deterioration or failure of academic quality (including quality of online delivery)
  • admission of students who are ill-equipped to succeed
  • inadequate oversight of third-party delivery.

Upholding wellbeing and safety

Issues relating to the wellbeing and safety of students - including those who are vulnerable or under 18 - in particular systemic failures to:

  • adequately prevent and address sexual assault and sexual harassment
  • provide adequate mental health support for students
  • address barriers for students with a disability
  • adequately inform staff and students about support and assistance available.

Protecting sector integrity

Issues that put the integrity of the sector at risk, with a focus on fraud and criminality, including:

  • not implementing policies and procedures relating to academic integrity
  • representing to offer higher education awards when unregistered
  • facilitating non-genuine students
  • unethical conduct of overseas agents
  • commercial academic cheating services.

Maintaining information security

Issues with information security, including those related to cyber security, inadequate system protection, research data, technology development and use, and intellectual property.

Monitoring financial standing

Issues that affect a provider’s present and projected financial sustainability and viability, with a particular focus on insolvency, significant financial mismanagement and lack of resilience to shifts in revenue sources.

Compliance in focus

As part of our annual compliance report, TEQSA publishes advice to support providers in meeting their HES Framework obligations.

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