Higher Education Integrity Unit

TEQSA’s approach to implementation of the Higher Education Integrity Unit

On 24 June 2020, the Government announced funding for a new Higher Education Integrity Unit to be established within TEQSA.

The Higher Education Integrity Unit enhances our capacity to work with the higher education sector and government agencies to identify and respond to emerging integrity risks within the sector. 

Areas of focus for the Higher Education Integrity Unit are developing and changing as circumstances require. Priorities for the Unit’s activities will be established and regularly reviewed in collaboration with the sector, government and other stakeholders. Education, guidance and support of higher education providers and their students are the principal approaches adopted by the Unit, with the use of compliance investigations and enforcement action available if necessary.

Current TEQSA interests, such as academic integrity, admissions standards and information, student safety, fraud and corruption, will continue. An early, major focus of the Unit is taking action against commercial academic cheating providers and discharging TEQSA’s responsibilities under the Prohibiting Academic Cheating Services Act.

The Higher Education Integrity Unit does not seek to duplicate or replace the activities of other government agencies. TEQSA will continue to work collaboratively with government bodies that have primary responsibility for integrity threats relevant to higher education, such as cybersecurity, foreign interference and research integrity. We are working in partnership with these agencies to support and build the capability of institutions to identify and manage ongoing and emerging integrity issues as they arise. Recognising that numerous existing initiatives to address these sector concerns are focused on the response of Australian Universities, TEQSA is well positioned to engage with the broader range of smaller independent registered higher education providers to tailor and disseminate learnings that are appropriate to their unique operating context.

Should you have any questions relating to the Higher Education Integrity Unit, please contact integrityunit@teqsa.gov.au

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