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To support the sector during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, TEQSA published a suite of information sheets and webinars on issues of key pertinence to providers during the mass transition to online delivery.

The materials were prepared by specialist experts within the sector, drawing from their experience on the topics presented. The documents were published to assist the sector on key topics of focus to providers during the shift to online learning. They were not intended as binding or prescriptive documents, nor should they be seen to directly reflect TEQSA’s regulatory approach during the pandemic. 

The information sheets are based on the opinions of the experts relating to online learning and the content has not been prepared by TEQSA. The information sheets below should not be treated as guidance notes, advice or endorsement from TEQSA. You should read, and carefully consider, the disclaimer before accessing any of the material.

TEQSA appreciates that providers had to act swiftly to adopt to the delivery of online learning during the pandemic, and that there are elements within the information sheets which require preparation and time to implement. Providers are best placed to determine the delivery solutions that are most appropriate to their individual context. 

TEQSA acknowledges the contributions of all those who provided documents and other resources towards the construction of this site, and continues to welcome contributions of best practice to share on this site. 

Suggestions in terms of topics of interest may also be sent via and we will do our best to continue to provide resources that are relevant to sector needs.

Information sheets


TEQSA webinar series - Going online: R(e)imagining teaching and learning

TEQSA, in collaboration with RMIT, produced a weekly webinar series discussing online learning. Video recordings of the webinars are available.

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