Checking provider registration or course accreditation

All registered higher education providers are listed on TEQSA’s National Register.

It is quick, free and easy to check a provider’s registration by searching the National Register on this website.

In addition to a provider’s registration information, the register also lists courses a provider is accredited by TEQSA to deliver if they do not have self-accrediting authority. Please note, Universities and University Colleges are usually able to accredit their own courses. These courses are not listed in the National Register.

Other information on the National Register includes:

  • the providers registration category (Australian University, University College, Institute of Higher Education, and Overseas University)
  • how long they are registered for (this period cannot exceed 7 years)
  • whether they can self-accredit their own courses
  • the date courses must be re-accredited
  • any regulatory action we have taken
  • links to providers' Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching page, which allows you to compare undergraduate and postgraduate coursework, student experience and graduate employment outcomes. 

Unregistered entities

Entities that advertise a higher education award when they are not registered with TEQSA are known as unregistered entities.

Unregistered entities undermine Australia’s higher education system, because the quality has not been assured by TEQSA.

These entities can also have detrimental impacts on students who unwittingly enrol and undertake courses, with the expectation of receiving a recognised higher education award at completion.

Students should always check whether a higher education provider is registered with TEQSA by searching the National Register.

To find out more, including a list of known unregistered entities, visit entities that are not registered higher education providers.

Providers delivering courses to international students

Higher education providers can only deliver courses to international students if they are registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). TEQSA assesses applications for inclusion on CRICOS and ensures higher education courses delivered to international students are of high quality.

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