TEQSA's Cost Recovery Implementation Statement

Our Cost Recovery Implementation Statement 2022-23 (CRIS) provides key information on how TEQSA calculates and implements charges for specific regulatory activity.

The CRIS was developed in accordance with the Australian Government Charging Framework.

The CRIS incorporates feedback from the higher education sector following consultation in 2021. Further consultation will take place in 2023 as part of our annual review of the CRIS.

Frequently asked questions

We’ve developed answers to a range of frequently asked questions about our CRIS.

Please email us at costrecovery@teqsa.gov.au if you’re a provider and your question hasn’t been answered in the frequently asked questions, or you have a specific query about CRIS.

Video recording of webinar briefing for providers

In this video:

  • TEQSA discusses conducting investigations, it is important to note these are rare.
  • TEQSA also discusses active conditions on provider’s registration. TEQSA is currently reviewing active conditions to identify conditions with expired reporting requirements and determine if these conditions can be acquitted before 1 January 2023.
Last updated:
14 Nov 2022

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