Our values

At TEQSA, our values underpin our mindset and behaviour, supporting us to achieve our purpose and reflecting our awareness of our role as Australia’s independent national quality assurance and regulatory agency for higher education.

Our values describe who we are as a regulator, guiding how we conduct ourselves and work with our stakeholders to enact our regulatory authority.

Along with other guiding statements such as our regulatory principles, policies and guidance notes, our values enable our stakeholders to understand what they can expect when interacting with us.

Our values reflect the Australian Public Sector (APS) Values and Code of Conduct and, in practice, create a positive culture in which we can perform efficiently and effectively as the national higher education regulatory and quality assurance agency the benefit of all Australians.

These values provide a foundation for best practice and support us to go beyond, to ensure we are well-positioned to serve students, providers and and the wider community.


We have confidence in each other to do our best. We encourage open and honest conversations that focus on the issue not the person. We promote a supportive and safe workplace environment.


We approach every situation with kindness, compassion, and an open mindset. We value people, the range of views and experience they bring and the work they undertake.


We hold ourselves and each other accountable for our actions, how we work together and the quality of what we deliver. We gather feedback, reflect and act on opportunities for improvement.


We draw on our collective strength by encouraging each other to contribute to the achievement of shared objectives. We provide context and information to help others succeed.

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