When TEQSA can’t take action

We cannot take action on concerns that are outside our regulatory responsibility.

TEQSA uses complaints to inform its assessment of providers’ compliance. TEQSA’s functions are established under section 134 of the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency Act 2011 and includes collecting, analysing, interpreting and disseminating information relating to higher education providers, regulated awards quality assurance practices and quality improvement, and the Higher Education Standards Framework. TEQSA is not a complaints resolution body and typically does not have a role in addressing individual complainants’ request or grievances. We prioritise broader systemic issues and are unlikely to pursue matters that:

  • are one-off, isolated events, unless the conduct involves wider implications for students, staff, the quality or reputation of the higher education sector
  • have not been considered through the providers own complaint handling processes
  • are solely for the purpose of obtaining redress for students or staff, unless there is clear evidence of deficiencies in the provider’s own complaint handling processes.

All providers are required to have complaints processes and the option for an independent third party review. The provider’s complaints processes and independent third party review are in place to assist individuals to receive a timely and effective resolution with the provider. If you are not satisfied with your provider's handling of your complaint, you can contact the relevant third party complaints resolution body. Your provider will be able to provide you with those details.

When to go directly to the provider

Some examples of matters outside our responsibility that should be raised with the provider are: 

  • matters of academic judgement, such as examination results
  • requests for providers to re-mark work
  • disputes with the provider about recognition of prior learning
  • guidance on interpreting a provider’s policies and procedures
  • concerns regarding fees, refunds or cancellations, scholarships/financial assistance.

When to go to another organisation

Some examples of matters outside our responsibility that should be raised with another organisation are:

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