When TEQSA can take action

TEQSA can only take action on concerns that relate to our regulatory responsibility.

We will be particularly concerned where there is a serious risk to students or to the quality or reputation of the higher education sector that relates to our responsibility.

Some examples of these are:

  • wellbeing and safety concerns – for example sexual assault or harassment
  • significant issues with academic quality, teaching or standards
  • concerns about academic integrity – for example academic or research misconduct
  • providers significantly misrepresenting their offerings/courses
  • serious issues with admission practices 
  • serious issues with the quality of delivery, including by the provider’s third parties
  • providers conferring awards when the courses have not been completed
  • serious data or information security breaches
  • serious financial concerns
  • breaches of the law
  • entities representing to offer higher education awards when unregistered.

Acts and standards under our responsibility

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