How do I know if a provider/course is registered?

All registered higher education providers and their courses are listed on TEQSA’s National Register of Higher Education Providers. The National Register has key information about providers’ registration status and lists legal and trading name(s), Australian Business Numbers, head office addresses and website details. 

The National Register also shows:

  • providers' registration category (Australian university, higher education provider, Australian University College, Australian university of specialisation, and overseas university)
  • how long they are registered for (this period can't exceed seven years)
  • whether they can self-accredit their own courses (universities usually can)
  • the names of each course of study accredited
  • the date courses must be re-accredited
  • any regulatory action we have taken in regard to either provider registration or course accreditation 
  • links to providers' quality indicators for learning and teaching page, which allows you to compare under and postgraduate coursework student experience and graduate employment outcomes. 

Where are higher education providers located?

The National Register can also be used to view the location of providers' head offices. In July 2020, there were 178 higher education providers with head offices/campuses in the following states and territories:

Map of higher education providers locations

Higher education delivery for international students

Higher education providers can only deliver courses to international students if they are registered on the Australian Government's Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). TEQSA is responsible for assessing applications for inclusion on CRICOS, and ensures higher education courses delivered to international students are of high quality.

Last Updated:

13 Oct 2022