How to search the National Register

Searching the National Register

The National Register has enhanced search features to make it easier to find information on higher education providers and courses and to let you filter out information you don’t need.


Filters to the left of the search results let you refine your search. You can search for a provider and filter the results to show active or inactive providers, provider category, whether the provider accredits its own courses and whether courses are delivered in a language other than English (LOTE).  Course search results can also be filtered by status (active/inactive) and by LOTE.

What kind of information can be accessed?


When looking at a provider page, you will see information TEQSA is required to show on the National Register about that provider. You can see how long the provider is registered for, whether we have imposed any conditions on that provider’s registration, decisions we have made about that provider and any courses we have accredited for that provider (most Self-accrediting providers like universities will not have courses listed as we do not accredit their courses).

The provider page now also displays a link to the provider’s information on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS), and the ComparED/Quality in Learning and Teaching (QILT) website where applicable.


For courses TEQSA has accredited, you can either click on the link in the decisions section of the provider’s page (not all courses will be there, only courses we have made a decision on) or in the list of courses at the bottom of the provider’s page.  Either link will take you to the Course page which shows when the course was accredited, when the accreditation expires or any conditions we have imposed on that course. 

Trading names

Although TEQSA lists providers under their ‘legal entity’ or registered name, many providers also use ‘trading names’ which may be more familiar to you. These names are also listed on the National Register.

You can find a provider’s trading name by typing a name or part of a name into the search bar. The more of the name you search for, the better targeted your results will be. 

The search results will show the provider’s registered name, not the trading name, but clicking on the search results will show the provider’s page, and all of their trading names are listed in the ‘Details’ section. 

If you can’t find your provider’s name, your course may be delivered under a third party arrangement. In this case, the registered provider is still responsible for all aspects of higher education delivery. 

If you are not able to find your provider’s name, please contact us for help.

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Last Updated:

13 Oct 2022