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Student engagement

Photo of Student Expert Advisory Group


Students are central to TEQSA’s role as the national higher education regulator and the organisation’s purpose statement reflects this:

TEQSA’s purpose is to protect student interests and the reputation of Australia’s higher education sector through a proportionate, risk-reflective approach to quality assurance that supports diversity, innovation and excellence.

TEQSA engages with students by working to understand student experiences and by providing information to students.

TEQSA considers student engagement as part of both its initial registration and re-registration processes. TEQSA’s course re-accreditation process considers providers’ internal student feedback systems (including complaints) and also how providers act on that feedback. Additionally, as part of its overall provider risk assessment, TEQSA considers available student data including progression, attrition and completion rates, student employment outcomes and student satisfaction.

To check your provider’s current status in respect to areas of TEQSA activity such as registration, course accreditation, and overall compliance, view our National Register.

Student Expert Advisory Group

TEQSA's Student Expert Advisory Group was established to provide us with advice on approaches and strategies relating to regulation and quality assurance of higher education providers, with particular reference to the engagement of students. 

The group, chaired by TEQSA's CEO, is made up of members from a selection of Australia’s major student representative bodies and representatives nominated by peak bodies, including the:

Terms of reference

View the Student Expert Advisory Group's Terms of Reference.


Rosie Arcadi, ITECA

Photo of Rosie Arcadi. Rosie Arcadi (Rosanne) is studying a Bachelor of Culinary Management at Torrens University at William Blue Hospitality Management College. She has been in the hospitality industry for five years working in various restaurants. She has previously obtained a Certificate III in dental assisting and a Certificate II in assisting in forensic sciences but her love is hospitality. Through her bachelor degree, she hopes to achieve more knowledge and experience in sales and marketing within the hospitality industry.

Lulu Thornley, AQSN

Photo of Lulu Thornley

Lulu Thornley is a fourth year arts student at Monash University. She is currently one of the national co-convenors for the Australian Queer Students Network (AQSN) and has been Queer Officer at MONSU for the past two years.

  • IHEA
  • Molly Willmott, National President, NUS
  • Keenan Smith, President, UATSIS
  • Kya Branch, President, NATSIPA
  • TDA 
  • Romana-Rea Begicevic, National President, CAPA
  • Belle Lim, National President, CISA


The SEAG meets three times a year. The inaugural meeting took place in Canberra on Friday 2 March, 2018. 

Discussions with SEAG help raise student awareness of TEQSA’s regulatory decisions, and are a way to involve the student voice in our regulatory work. The SEAG also provides a framework for a partnering with students to co-design strategies to tackle big issues in the higher education sector such as sexual assault and harassment and contract cheating.

Image displaying key themes of the TEQSA Conference 2019 Students as Partners session


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