Key contacts at TEQSA (for providers)

As a registered higher education provider, your TEQSA Case Manager is your primary contact for your TEQSA-related enquiries. However, TEQSA also has specialist contact teams across the agency that are best placed to assist you in a timely and efficient manner when you have a specific enquiry. Please use the following list of key contacts to help direct your enquiry to the most appropriate TEQSA team contacts.

Please note: Your Case Manager remains an important contact. We encourage you to copy your Case Manager in to your correspondence with TEQSA and speak with them if you’re unsure about who to contact.

Nature of enquiry Example enquiries Key Contact
New application for initial registration
  • Preparing an application for initial registration
  • Enquiring about a submitted application.
Any in progress assessment/s Enquiring about a submitted application for:

  • new course accreditation for existing providers
  • renewal of course accreditation
  • renewal of registration.
Contact the TEQSA staff member assigned to the assessment. If you are unsure who this is, contact your Case Manager.
CRICOS matters
  • Enquiring about CRICOS or ESOS Act requirements
  • Preparing an application for CRICOS registration or renewal of registration
  • Submitting a CRICOS-related application e.g. to add a course
  • Enquiring about a submitted CRICOS-related notification or application.
ELICOS and Foundation Program (non-higher education) matter  
  • ELICOS or Foundation Program provider enquiries
  • Applying to add an ELICOS or Foundation Program to CRICOS
  • Applying for an exemption to enrol students under the age of 17 in Foundation Programs.
Application fees Enquiring about refunds for application fees. Email
Material changes Submitting a material change notification. Email
Risk Assessment Framework Enquiring about the risk assessment process. Email
Provider Information Request (PIR) Enquiring about the PIR. Email
Sexual assault and sexual harassment guidance Guidance about prevention and response to sexual assault and sexual harassment matters. Email
Compliance matters  Enquiring about a compliance matter that TEQSA has notified you about, for instance:

  • a compliance assessment
  • an investigation.
Contact the TEQSA staff member assigned to the compliance matter. If you are unsure who this is, contact your Case Manager.
Complaints about TEQSA Complaints about TEQSA’s practices, services or approach. Email
Preparing an application for:


  • Applying for new course accreditation for existing providers
  • Applying for renewal of course accreditation or provider registration
  • Enquiries about:
    • conditions imposed on registration or course accreditation
    • self-accrediting authority
    • withdrawing a course/ teach out
    • requesting an extension to registration or accreditation period.
Contact your Case Manager
Any other matters, enquiries or guidance Help with the Provider Portal, for example, changing and updating logins. Contact your Case Manager


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