Contract cheating


This resource has been developed to provide the sector with information and background research on key topics associated with student assignment outsourcing and contract cheating.

It has been designed to supplement the practical tools outlined in both the Good Practice Note: Addressing Contract Cheating and the Academic Integrity Toolkit, providing background information on topics associated with student outsourcing behaviours in higher education, particularly those associated with contract cheating, and has a focus on the Australian context. 

The information within this Contract Cheating site is based on the opinions of experts relating to academic integrity and has not been generated by TEQSA. This information should not be treated as guidance notes, advice or endorsement from TEQSA. You should read, and carefully consider, the TEQSA disclaimer before accessing any of the material.

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To report a concern to TEQSA about contract cheating, please send your concern to

Please provide as much detail as possible. Helpful information includes the relevant website address, how you became aware of the website, and any supporting evidence.


Rebecca Awdry, Deakin University

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