Re-accreditation 01 August 2013 updated 10 November 2015

Provider: Melbourne Institute of Business and Technology Pty Ltd

Course: Diploma of Commerce

Renewal of course accreditation

Report on renewal of accreditation of two higher education courses of study offered by the Melbourne Institute of Business and Technology

TEQSA determined, under section 56 of the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency Act 2011 (the TEQSA Act), to renew accreditation the following two higher education courses of study offered by the Melbourne Institute of Business and Technology Pty Ltd (MIBT) for a period of seven years until 1 August 2020:

  • Diploma of Commerce
  • Diploma of Computing

On 1 August 2013, TEQSA imposed four conditions on the Diploma of Commerce and Diploma of Computing. TEQSA made decisions on 30 January 2014, 8 May 2014 and 10 November 2015 respectively to revoke Conditions 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Refer to the Addendum of this report for information relating to the revocation of conditions.

Main Reasons for the Decision

TEQSA determined that the two higher education courses of study comply with the Provider Course Accreditation and Qualification Standards. The course accreditation for the Diploma of Commerce and the Diploma of Computing covers delivery at all Australian sites and at the campus in Jakarta, Indonesia.

TEQSA's decision to apply conditions was consistent with the basic principles for regulation in Part 2 of the TEQSA Act, given the risk of not complying with a number of the Threshold Standards.

Addendum to Public Report: Conditions Revoked

  • The broad issues that prompted TEQSA to impose conditions were:

    a) significantly high attrition and failure rates;

    b) the absence of a third party delivery annual review;

    c) the equivalency of onshore teach-out arrangements; and

    d) the transparency of the legal entities involved in the provision of offshore study.

The revoked conditions were that the Melbourne Institute of Business and Technology must:

Condition 1: Report to TEQSA on Diploma of Commerce student attrition and failure rates for the 2013 and 2014 academic years, and on action taken to implement all the recommendations of the 2012 Diploma of Commerce Course Review by 1 March 2014 and 1 March 2015;

Condition 2: Conduct a comprehensive review of the third party arrangement between MIBT and MIBT Indonesia (MIBTi), including academic quality assurance, by 31 December 2013. MIBT must report back to TEQSA with a copy of the report and the outcomes of the review report, (including consideration by the MIBT/Deakin Joint Management Committee and any management response to review recommendations) and an implementation plan by 1 March 2014;

Condition 3: Ensure information to MIBTi students is transparent regarding onshore teach-out arrangements being subject to DIAC visa approval, by 31 December 2013; and

Condition 4: Revise letters of offer to MIBTi students to specify that MIBT is the entity offering the award for completion of the course; Deakin University's role in overseeing course design; articulation arrangements with Deakin University for students who complete an MIBT course; and MIBTi's role to provide the course on behalf of MIBT, by 31 December 2013.