Supporting the International Day of Action for Academic Integrity

Wednesday 18 October is International Day of Action for Academic Integrity and TEQSA has released Get to know genAI conversation starters. This series of questions is designed to prompt conversations and get higher education staff and students thinking about the impact of generative artificial intelligence (genAI) on academic integrity. 

The questions ask staff and students to consider their use of genAI, their awareness of genAI tools and the risks and benefits of using genAI in their teaching and learning.

The conversation starters are available on the Artificial Intelligence good practice hub of TEQSA’s website in a printable A4 format. We encourage you to share the conversation starters on social media and place them in common spaces at your institution to drive conversations about genAI. The good practice hub provides links to resources developed by TEQSA, as well as good practice advice from other sources, to support higher education providers, staff and students in meeting the challenges of genAI.

The International Day of Action for Academic Integrity is organised by the International Centre for Academic Integrity and this year’s theme is Championing academic integrity in the age of AI.

TEQSA is collaborating across the high education sector to support higher education providers in assuring academic integrity in the age of genAI.

This year, TEQSA partnered with Deakin University to produce a series of webinars addressing genAI and its implications for learning, teaching and assessment.

In September, the final webinar in the series launched a discussion paper Assessment reform for the Age of Artificial Intelligence. This paper provides guiding principles and propositions for assessment reform in the age of genAI and is available for consultation until Friday 20 October. The final version will launch at TEQSA’s conference on 23 November 2023.

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