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Stakeholder engagement

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TEQSA seeks to engage with our stakeholders at all levels in open, two-way communication, to reflect on feedback and to take action where appropriate. Our stakeholder engagement activities allow us to gain a greater understanding of the key issues in the higher education sector and helps to build stakeholder capacity to meet regulatory requirements.

We have developed an Engagement Framework which outlines our commitment to working with stakeholders. View our Stakeholder Engagement Framework.

Our key stakeholder groups

Diagram of TEQSA's key stakeholder groups

Our key stakeholder groups include:

Our key professional and peak body stakeholders

We have developed relationships with a range of professional and peak bodies with links to the higher education sector. These relationships aim to maintain and improve the quality of Australian higher education and are guided by the following principles:

  • the development of complementary approaches to course accreditation
  • the use of professional bodies as a source of expert advice
  • the sharing of information to inform our regulatory work
  • encouraging alignment of professional outcomes with learning outcome requirements of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF)
  • fostering communication.

We are working with a sample of bodies responsible for regulating and/or accrediting certain higher education courses. Our primary aim is to explore the possibility of complementary and streamlined accreditation processes.

Our key professional and peak body stakeholders include:

Our stakeholder activities

We have developed an array of activities for the sector in partnership with our broad stakeholder groups. These activities include: