Renewing registration

The Australian Government’s COVID-19 pandemic higher education relief package included TEQSA application fee waivers. As a result, during late 2021 and into 2022, TEQSA received an unprecedented number of applications for registration and applications for course accreditation and renewals. This is likely to lead to extended application processing times into 2023.

TEQSA has noted an increase in the number of applications that include evidence that is incomplete or contains errors. TEQSA will inform a provider if an application submitted to TEQSA is not valid (in terms of not meeting the requirements set out in the relevant legislation) and inform the provider if a new application needs to be made. The timelines for application processing do not commence, and fees will not be incurred by the provider, until a valid application is made.

Registered higher education providers must apply to TEQSA in writing to renew their registration. This application must be submitted at least 180 days before registration is due to expire, unless a shorter time frame has been agreed to. Providers hoping for a shorter time frame should contact their case manager as soon as possible.

Applications must be on the approved online application form (available from the Provider Portal), include all information requested, and be accompanied by the applicable fee and payment/invoice form. See more information on our fees page.

If the application for renewal of registration is successful, we will determine the time period of registration. Under the TEQSA Act, this period can’t exceed seven years.

Core Plus model

Under the Core Plus model, registered providers are required to submit minimum evidence relating to a set of core standards in the HES Framework with their applications. The model is designed to reduce evidence requirements and create more efficient regulatory assessment for low-risk providers. Higher-risk providers are required to submit additional evidence against other selected standards on a case-by-case basis, according to risk profile and regulatory track record.

Multiple applications

Providers are encouraged to apply for renewal of registration at the same time as renewal of course accreditation, and where applicable, other regulatory processes such as application for self-accrediting authority or an application to change provider category. The ability to submit concurrent applications will depend on a range of factors, including accreditation and registration periods. Providers are strongly encouraged to contact us to discuss the best way of packaging applications prior to submission.

Before submitting

TEQSA encourage applicants to read the relevant application guide before submitting an application. The application guide explains the process, and gives indicative information about the evidence that will need to be submitted with each application.

Application forms

Application forms are available from TEQSA’s Provider Portal. For samples of the forms found on the Provider Portal contact

NOTE: Application forms must be submitted in the approved format via the Provider Portal, include all information requested, and be accompanied by the required fee.

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