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Access to this website has been blocked because it has been found to facilitate a contravention of section of the provisions of the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency Act 2011 (TEQSA Act) regulating academic cheating services.

The relevant provisions in the TEQSA Act

  • make it an offence for any person to provide or advertise academic cheating services relating to the delivery of higher education in Australia, whether that person is in Australia or elsewhere
  • allow TEQSA to apply under section 127A to the Federal Court for an injunction requiring carriage service providers to take steps to disable access to websites found to contravene or facilitate a contravention of sections 114A or 114B of the TEQSA Act
  • provide for financial and custodial penalties where an offence is proven of up to 500 penalty units, two years imprisonment, or both. The TEQSA Act distinguishes between cheating services provided on a commercial basis, and where the cheating service is provided without payment.

If you use academic cheating services you might not learn all the skills you need for your career. You also risk losing your money, your enrolment, and even your student visa. In some cases, you could be blackmailed by the cheating service providers who might threaten to tell your institution or a future employer that you cheated.

Cheating is never the right answer.

Why are we blocking academic cheating websites?

Australia’s anti-cheating laws make it an offence to provide or advertise academic cheating services in higher education, with penalties of up to two years’ imprisonment or fines of up to 500 penalty units ($111,000 on 30 June 2021) or both.

TEQSA  is working to disrupt access to these sites to protect students and the integrity of higher education.

Which academic cheating services have been blocked?

Complain about a commercial academic cheating website

How to complain

You can help to stamp out academic cheating. Complete the form to complain about suspected commercial academic cheating services (cheating websites).

You can also tell us why you think a particular website shouldn’t be blocked (you don’t have to give us any personal details). 

If you are unable to submit your complaint using the online form, you can make a complaint by emailing TEQSA at

Last Updated:

13 Oct 2022