Vary Accreditation Conditions 16 February 2016

Provider: Nan Tien Institute Limited

Course: Bachelor of Business

Course accreditation

Report on variation of conditions of accreditation of three higher education courses of study offered by Nan Tien Institute Limited

On 16 February 2016 TEQSA varied, under Section 53(2) of the TEQSA Act, two conditions imposed on 25 June 2015 on the accreditation of the following courses offered by Nan Tien Institute Limited:

  • Diploma of Business
  • Bachelor of Business
  • Graduate Certificate of Business Analysis

The decision to vary the conditions was made on the basis that Nan Tien Institute has deferred the commencement of delivery of the courses.

The conditions were varied to provide:

Condition 3:

At least three months prior to the commencement of delivery of each course, provide to TEQSA evidence that NTI has developed assessment rubrics and assessment criteria for all subjects to be offered in the first three terms of delivery.

Condition 4:

At least three months prior to the commencement of delivery of the courses, provide to TEQSA additional information to demonstrate the adequacy of learning resources and library services. Specifically, NTI must provide evidence of:

  1. the purchase and accessibility of appropriate on-line business data bases
  2. the acquisition of suitable physical library holdings to support the delivery of the Business courses
  3. appropriately qualified library support on site at its Sydney campus, including information as to the nature of the role (e.g. type of appointment, number of hours, qualifications).