Shortened period of registration 20 July 2016

Provider: Asia Pacific International College Pty Ltd

Shortened period of registration

Report on shortening of period of registration of Asia Pacific International College Pty Ltd (APIC)

TEQSA has shortened the period of APIC's registration as a higher education provider under section 100 of the TEQSA Act by a period of six months to 24 January 2018, on the basis that APIC has failed to meet a number of provisions of the Threshold Standards.

Main reasons for decision

TEQSA undertook a compliance assessment of APIC in accordance with section 59 of the TEQSA Act. After undertaking the compliance assessment, and after considering APIC's response to the compliance assessment, TEQSA concluded that APIC has failed to meet the following Threshold Standards:

  1. Provider Registration Standards 3.5, 3.8 and 5.6 in relation to APIC's governance and internal quality assurance mechanisms for its higher education operations;
  2. Provider Registration Standards 6.5 and 6.6 in relation to APIC's responsibilities to its students and provision of effective student support mechanisms; and
  3. Provider Registration Standards 7.1 and 7.4 in relation to APIC's physical and electronic resources and infrastructure

TEQSA also considered that there is still a significant risk that APIC will not continue to meet the above Threshold Standards over the remaining period of its registration, despite APIC taking action to address TEQSA's concerns about these aspects of its higher education operations.

TEQSA will also continue to monitor APIC's compliance with the Threshold Standards during the period prior to the date on which APIC's application for renewal of registration is due to be submitted. This will include further visits to APIC's premises, monitoring APIC's overseas students on the Provider Registration and International Students Management System (PRISMS) as well as reviewing APIC's higher education courses.

TEQSA notes that existing conditions on APIC's registration and accreditation of courses are not impacted by this decision and remain unchanged.