Self Accrediting Authority 28 January 2016

Provider: Alphacrucis University College Ltd

Course: Bachelor of Education (Primary)

Self-accrediting authority

Report on authority of Alphacrucis College Limited to self-accredit nominated courses of study

On 28 January 2016, TEQSA authorised, under subsection 41(1) of the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency Act 2011 (TEQSA Act), Alphacrucis College Limited to self-accredit its courses of study, at AQF level 5-10, in the narrow fields of Business and Management, Teacher Education, and Philosophy and Religious Studies.

Due to this decision, the following courses previously accredited by TEQSA do not need to be re-accredited by TEQSA. Please visit the provider website for information on the courses it offers.

  • Bachelor of Ministry
  • Bachelor of Theology
  • Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Ministry
  • Bachelor of Business
  • Associate Degree in Ministry
  • Master of Theology

Main reasons for the decision

Alphacrucis College Limited has:

  • had no serious complaint made against any part of its higher education operations in the last five years, and no significant compliance problems in any assessment by any regulator
  • well-structured and effective academic governance arrangements, and robust course design and approval, review and improvement mechanisms which include rigorous external review
  • an active scholarly community and a demonstrated history of sustained scholarship and research outputs
  • a history of successful operation as a higher education provider including systematic, mature internal processes to assure and maintain the quality of its courses, academic standards and academic integrity
  • a proven history of successful graduate outcomes and a range of strategies and resources to support students at all its locations, and
  • has or is seeking professional accreditation and/or recognition within all the fields of education in which it offers courses.

Alphacrucis College Limited has demonstrated to TEQSA that it meets the Threshold Standards for self-accrediting authority in relation to courses of study at AQF levels 5-10 in the following narrow fields of study:

  • 0803 Business and Management
  • 0701 Education, and
  • 0917 Philosophy and Religious Studies.

The scope of the assessment included all Australian sites.