Revoke-Vary Conditions 2 June 2017

Provider: Raffles College Pty Ltd

Variation of condition on registration

Report on variation of condition on registration of Raffles College Pty Ltd

On 2 June 2017, TEQSA varied, under Section 32(2) of the TEQSA Act, condition ii imposed on the registration of Raffles College Pty Ltd (trading as Raffles College of Design and Commerce ("RCDC")) (refer public report of 25 January 2016).

Background and Reasons for Decision

Condition ii on RCDC's registration required it to cease to deliver all of its higher education courses at its associate colleges, except those specified, by 1 February 2016 (the cessation date).

At the time condition ii was imposed on its registration, RCDC offered its Bachelor of Design course (the course) at three associate colleges (the colleges) in India.

Condition ii required RCDC to cease to deliver the course at the colleges by the cessation date. RCDC was also required to make suitable arrangements for its students(the students) who had not yet completed the course.

Despite condition ii, the colleges continued to teach the course after the cessation date and misrepresented to the students that they continued to be enrolled in the course and would, if successful, be conferred with the award for the course.

Following a review, by an independent discipline expert commissioned by TEQSA, of students' work undertaken at the colleges after the cessation date, TEQSA was satisfied that there was sufficient evidence that the students were eligible to graduate and receive the appropriate RCDC testamur despite the course having been delivered contrary to condition ii.

In order to enable RCDC to grant the award for the course to the students, consistent with the conditions of RCDC's registration, TEQSA varied condition ii which now provides:

  1. RCDC must cease to deliver all of its higher education courses at all of its associate colleges, except its associate colleges in Colombo, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, by 1 February 2016. However, this condition does not prohibit RCDC from conferring a higher education award where:
    1. The student on whom the award is being conferred completed a Bachelor of Design course in India, whether before or after 1 February 2016; and
    2. RCDC provides TEQSA with a list of students to whom paragraph A applies and on whom RCDC confers a higher education award. The list must be provided to TEQSA no later than 30 days after the imposition of this condition.