Registration and accreditation 01 September 2016

Provider: BBI The Australian Institute of Theological Education (formerly The Broken Bay Institute)

Course: Master of Theological Studies

Initial registration

Report on initial registration of The Broken Bay Institute

TEQSA has determined, under Section 21(1) of the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency Act 2011 (the TEQSA Act), that registration of The Broken Bay Institute as a higher education provider be granted for a period of seven years to 1 September 2023 in the provider category of Higher Education Provider.

TEQSA has determined, under sections 49(1) and 49(6) of the TEQSA Act, to grant accreditation of the following higher education courses of study offered by The Broken Bay Institute until 1 September 2023:

  • Graduate Certificate in Governance and Canon Law
  • Graduate Diploma in Governance and Canon Law
  • Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Theology
  • Graduate Diploma in Leadership and Theology
  • Master of Leadership and Theology
  • Graduate Certificate in Religious Education
  • Graduate Diploma in Religious Education
  • Master of Religious Education
  • Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies
  • Graduate Diploma in Theological Studies
  • Master of Theological Studies

Main reasons for decision

As part of the initial registration process, TEQSA has assessed the registration and course accreditations submitted by The Broken Bay Institute against the Threshold Standards for Provider Registration and Course Accreditation. The Broken Bay Institute has demonstrated to TEQSA that it meets the Threshold Standards.

The registration and course accreditation covers delivery at all Australian sites.