Re-registration 6 February 2019

Provider: Melbourne Polytechnic (formerly Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE)

Renewal of registration

Report on renewal of registration of Melbourne Polytechnic

On 6 February 2019 TEQSA:

  • renewed, under section 36 of the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency Act 2011 (TEQSA Act), the registration of Melbourne Polytechnic in the category of Higher Education Provider, for a period of four years until 6 February 2023
  • imposed, under section 32 of the TEQSA Act, three conditions on the registration of Melbourne Polytechnic:

Condition 1.

By 30 June of each year, Melbourne Polytechnic must provide TEQSA with evidence that the scholarly activities of staff are increasing, including:

  1. a report on Melbourne Polytechnic's arrangements for scholarly activity. The report must include:
    1. details of how Melbourne Polytechnic's policies and frameworks for scholarship of its higher education staff have been implemented in the 12 months prior to the date of the report
    2. a list of each staff member who taught one or more units in a Melbourne Polytechnic higher education course in the 12 months prior to the date of the report
    3. the scholarly and research activities undertaken by each staff member, categorised in accordance with the Melbourne Polytechnic Research, Scholarship and Original Activity Model Schema
    4. a review of Melbourne Polytechnic's policies and frameworks by its Academic Board, including any recommendations for amendments to those policies and frameworks.
  2. a copy of the minutes of a meeting of the Melbourne Polytechnic Board which record the Board's consideration and approval of the report at paragraph (a), as well as actions taken in response to any recommendations from the Academic Board.

Condition 2.

By 30 June 2019 and by 30 June of each subsequent year until further notice, Melbourne Polytechnic must provide TEQSA with evidence that student performance statistics are improving, including:

  1. a comprehensive diagnostic analysis of the probable causes for observed rates and trends for student attrition, progression, minimum time completion rates and absent failure rates, for each accredited higher education course it offers. The analysis must include accurate data on student attrition, completion, progression, grade distribution and absent failure rates and include analysis by:
    1. onshore and offshore locations of delivery
    2. entry path (comparing students admitted under each entry pathway);
    3. credit awarded
  2. a report on referral to and uptake of student support including participation in formal study support programs
  3. a report containing analysis of external referencing of student achievement in similar courses at other higher education providers.
  4. evidence that the Academic Board has reviewed the quality of teaching and learning at Melbourne Polytechnic in the light of the reports (a-c) and forwarded them to the Board with its recommendations
  5. evidence that the Board has considered the quality of teaching and learning at Melbourne Polytechnic in the light of the Academic Board's recommendations and the reports (a-c), including minutes of a meeting showing active Board consideration of the reports and the Academic Board's recommendations.

Condition 3.

By 30 June 2019 and 30 June each year until further notice Melbourne Polytechnic must provide evidence verifying continuing compliance of the courses of study with the Standards that relate to the offshore delivery in Hong Kong and Fuzhou, China.

The evidence must include:

  1. revised policy documentation, including the International Program Agreement, that accurately references the requirements of the higher education legislative framework
  2. copies of reports to the Board, Academic Board and Joint Management Committee meetings which include an analysis of monitoring, review and any improvement activities, and which demonstrate that the offshore operations and delivery of accredited courses of study are consistent with the provider's institutional policies and operations and that course delivery arrangements enable achievement of expected learning outcomes regardless of a student's place of study.
  3. copies of meeting minutes which record the consideration of the reports at 3b.

Main reasons for the decision

TEQSA made these decisions in light of risks that Melbourne Polytechnic may not meet, or continue to meet, the following provisions of the Higher Education Standards Framework (Threshold Standards) 2015:

  1. Section 5.3 of Part A, in relation to monitoring, review and improvement
  2. Section 5.4 of Part A, in relation to delivery with other parties
  3. Section 3.2 of Part A and Criteria 1.1.4 of Part B in relation to scholarship

TEQSA's assessment considered provider Melbourne Polytechnic's arrangements for delivery at its Australian and overseas sites in Fuzhou, China and Hong Kong.