Re-registration 16 March 2017

Provider: The Institute of Creative Arts & Technology Pty Ltd. (formerly Macleay College Pty Ltd)

Renewal of registration

Report on renewal of registration of Macleay College Pty Limited

TEQSA has renewed the registration as a higher education provider, under Section 36(1) of the TEQSA Act, of Macleay College Pty Limited for a period of four years to 16 March 2021 in the provider category of 'Higher Education Provider'.

TEQSA has, under subsection 32(1) of the TEQSA Act, imposed two conditions on the registration of Macleay College Pty Limited as a higher education provider.

Condition 1:

In a report to TEQSA by 31 March 2017, and each year thereafter, Macleay must provide evidence that its academic staff are active in scholarship that informs their teaching.

Condition 2:

In the event of a breach of the loan agreement between Macleay and National Australian Bank, which gives rise to action by National Australia Bank, within 2 business days Macleay must notify TEQSA of any financial impact on the college.

Main Reasons for Decision

As part of the renewal of registration process, TEQSA has assessed the application submitted by Macleay College Pty Limited against the Threshold Standards. The scope of the assessment included all its Australian sites.

TEQSA considers that the decision to apply conditions to Macleay College Pty Limited registration is consistent with the basic principles for regulation in Part 2 of the TEQSA Act, as Macleay College Pty Limited is at risk of not complying with a number of the Threshold Standards.

  • The broad issues which relate to the Macleay College Pty Limited registration include:

    a) The risk that Macleay may not meet the Threshold Standards going forward if financial targets are not met and it is not in a position to continue to invest in building up academic staff numbers in proportion to increases in student numbers.

    b) The risk that deficiencies in data reporting, if not corrected, may obscure the extent to which it continues to comply with the Threshold Standards relating to staffing and student outcomes.

    c) While the framework for development of scholarship has been designed well, it is not clear yet the extent to which it can be implemented consistently over a number of years.