Re-registration 12 December 2013

Provider: Marcus Oldham College

Renewal of registration

Report on renewal of registration of Marcus Oldham College

TEQSA has determined, under Section 36(1) of the TEQSA Act, that registration of Marcus Oldham College as a higher education provider be renewed for a period of seven years to 12 December 2020 in the provider category of 'Higher Education Provider'.

Background to Decision

Marcus Oldham College submitted an application for renewal of registration in the category of 'Higher Education Provider' under Section 35 of the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency Act 2011 (the TEQSA Act). Subsection 36(4) of the TEQSA Act enables TEQSA to renew a provider's registration for a period not exceeding seven years.

Main Reasons for Decision

As part of the renewal of registration process, TEQSA has assessed the application submitted by Marcus Oldham College against the Threshold Standards. The scope of the assessment included all its Australian sites.

Marcus Oldham College has demonstrated to TEQSA that it continues to meet the Threshold Standards.