Re-accreditation 21 August 2014

Provider: TAFE Queensland

Course: Associate Degree in Civil Engineering

Renewal of course accreditation

Report on renewal of accreditation of one higher education course of study offered by TAFE Queensland

TEQSA has determined, under section 56 of the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency Act 2011 (the TEQSA Act), to renew accreditation of the following higher education course of study offered by TAFE Queensland for a period of seven years until 21 August 2021:

  • Associate Degree in Civil Engineering

TEQSA has, under subsection 53(1) of the TEQSA Act, imposed two conditions on the accreditation of the above course of study. TAFE Queensland must, within six months of receipt of the Decision Notice:

Condition 1:

Develop a framework for collecting, examining and responding to student performance data to guide continuous improvement of course of study, in accordance with the requirements of Provider Course Accreditation Standard 5.4.

Condition 2:

Report on student performance data including post-graduation activities/destinations for the Associate Degree of Civil Engineering for the last five years.

Background to Decision

TAFE Queensland submitted an application for renewal of accreditation of one course of study under Part 4 of the TEQSA Act. Subsection 45(4) of the TEQSA Act requires a registered higher education provider who is not authorised to self-accredit the course of study to apply to TEQSA for accreditation. Subsection 56(4) enables TEQSA to renew accreditation of a course of study for a period not exceeding seven years.

Main Reasons for the Decision

TEQSA has determined that the higher education course of study submitted by TAFE Queensland for accreditation complies with the Provider Course Accreditation Standards. The course accreditation covers delivery at the South Bank site.

TEQSA considers that the decision to apply conditions to TAFE Queensland's application for accreditation of the course of study is consistent with the basic principles for regulation in Part 2 of the TEQSA Act, as TAFE Queensland is at risk of not complying with Provider Course Accreditation Standard 5.4, as follows:

  • The broad issues identified with the Associate Degree in Civil Engineering relate to incomplete development of student performance data reporting mechanisms for the purpose of course development, review and improvement.

TEQSA considers that the risks of non-compliance with the Threshold Standards may affect TAFE Queensland's capacity to manage and deliver its higher education awards.

In accordance with subsections 53(2) and 53(3) of the TEQSA Act, TEQSA may vary or revoke a condition imposed on the registration of a higher education provider, either on its own initiative, or upon application by the provider for variation or revocation.