Provider category change 28 August 2019

Provider: Avondale University Limited (formerly Avondale University College Limited)

Avondale College Limited

Report on an application to change provider category to 'Australian University College'

On 28 August 2019, under section 38 of the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency Act 2011 (TEQSA Act), TEQSA changed the category in which Avondale College Limited is registered to 'Australian University College'.

Main reasons for the decision

TEQSA made this decision on the basis that it was satisfied that Avondale College Limited (Avondale) has met the additional criteria of the Higher Education Standards Framework (Threshold Standards) 2015 specified for the 'Australian University College' category.

TEQSA was satisfied that Avondale College Limited:

  • has realistic and achievable plans to meet all the criteria for an "Australian University" Category within five years of its approval to use the title "Australian University College"
  • self-accredits and delivers undergraduate and postgraduate courses of study that meet the Higher Education Standards Framework across a range of broad fields of study (including Masters Degrees (Coursework) in at least three broad fields of study and Masters Degrees (Research) and Doctoral Degrees (Research) in at least one of the broad fields of study it offers)
  • undertakes research that leads to the creation of new knowledge and original creative endeavour at least in those broad fields of study in which Masters Degrees (Research) and Doctoral Degrees (Research) are offered
  • demonstrates the commitment of teachers, researchers, course designers and assessors to the systematic advancement and dissemination of knowledge
  • demonstrates sustained scholarship that informs teaching and learning in all fields in which courses of study are offered
  • identifies and implements good practices in student teaching and learning, including those that have the potential for wider dissemination nationally
  • offers an extensive range of student services, including student academic and learning support, and extensive resources for student learning in all disciplines offered
  • demonstrates engagement with its local and regional communities and demonstrates a commitment to social responsibility in its activities
  • has systematic, well developed internal processes for quality assurance and the maintenance of academic standards and academic integrity
  • has the support of the relevant Commonwealth, State or Territory government.