Impose condition on registration 19 June 2019

Provider: Elite Education Institute Pty. Ltd.


Report on imposition of one condition on the CRICOS registration of Elite Education Institute Pty Ltd

On 19 June 2019, TEQSA:

  • imposed, under paragraph 83(3)(a) of the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000, one condition on the registration of Elite Education Institute Pty Ltd.

Condition 1: Suspension of student enrolments

From the date on which it is notified of this decision until 31 August 2019, Elite must not enrol or commence any new students in any of its higher education courses.

Main reasons for the decision

TEQSA made this decision on the basis that, consistent with paragraphs 83(1C)(b) and (c) of the ESOS Act, TEQSA believes on reasonable grounds that Elite:

  1. does not have the clearly demonstrated capacity to provide education of a satisfactory standard; or
  2. has not been providing, or has not provided, education of a satisfactory standard.

Specifically, TEQSA holds substantial concerns that Elite Education Institute Pty Ltd:

  1. is not delivering its courses so as to appropriately engage students in the course content in a manner consistent with the form of the course registered under the ESOS Act, and
  2. has not ensured, and will not ensure, that assessment in its higher education courses has the necessary quality and integrity.

The condition imposes a time-limited restriction on the capacity of Elite Education Institute Pty Ltd to enrol or commence new students, while TEQSA finalises its ongoing investigation of the concerns it has identified.