Accreditation 29 May 2018

Provider: Kaplan Higher Education Pty Ltd

Course: Bachelor of Financial Planning

Course accreditation

Report on accreditation of one higher education course of study offered by Kaplan Higher Education Pty Ltd

On 29 May 2018, a delegate of TEQSA:

  • accredited, under section 49 of the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency Act 2011 (TEQSA Act), the following course offered by Kaplan Higher Education Pty Ltd, for a period of seven years until 29 May 2025:
    • Bachelor of Financial Planning
  • imposed, under section 53 of the TEQSA Act, three conditions on the accreditation of the Bachelor of Financial Planning

Condition 1:

Prior to marketing and enrolling students into the Bachelor of Financial Planning KHE must provide to TEQSA:

  1. Evidence that the course is accredited by the Financial Advisor and Ethics Authority (FASEA) or the Financial Planning Education Council (FPEC) as applicable.

Condition 2:

By 31 March 2019, and each following year for the period of accreditation KHE must provide a report on its academic workforce plan approved by the corporate governing body, in order to demonstrate its continued responsibility

  1. The report should include the responses and actions arising from the corporate governing body's review of the academic workforce, including the confirmation of next year's academic resourcing allocation, as informed by the recommendations of the academic governing body.
  2. The report should include, but not limited to, the number of academic leaders (expressed as FTE) across all fields of education, resourcing for academic support outside of timetabled classes (expressed as FTE), student to staff ratio and the mixture of academic staffing (expressed as ongoing/casual) for the previous year.

Condition 3:

Within 90 days of the decision provide all policies and assessments linked to the internship elective unit. This includes but is not limited to:

  • WIL Implementation Guide
  • WIL Policy
  • WIL Handbook
  • Selection Procedures
  • Privacy agreements
  • Host Company Guidelines
  • Student Guidelines

Main reasons for the decision

TEQSA has made these decisions in light of risk that KHE may not continue to meet the following provisions of the Higher Education Standards Framework (Threshold Standards) 2015:

  1. Section 3.5 in relation to the need for professional accreditation of a course of study being achieved when it is required for a graduate to be eligible to practise.
  2. Section 3.2 in relation to the numbers of qualified staffing for a course of study being sufficient to meet the educational, academic support and administrative needs of students.
  3. Section 5.4.1 in relation to work-integrated learning arrangements being quality assured, including the assurance of the quality of supervision of student experiences.

TEQSA's assessment considered Kaplan Higher Education Pty Ltd's arrangements for delivery at all Australian sites.