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Material changes

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Important update: See our Coronavirus (COVID-19) – statement on material change notifications

What is a Material change?

Providers must notify TEQSA (under subsection 29(1) of the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency Act 2011 [TEQSA Act]) of events that happen, or are likely to happen, that will:

  • significantly affect their ability to meet the requirements of the Higher Education Standards Framework (Threshold Standards) 2015
  • require their entry on the National Register to be updated. This includes changes to:
    • Name of the legal entity
    • ABN
    • Business name
    • Head office
    • Website address
    • Title of higher education course of study
    • Status (discontinuation) of higher education course of study.

When should a Material change notification happen?

A Material change notification must occur no later than 14 days after the provider would have reasonably been expected to have become aware of the event(s).

If providers are in doubt about whether an event requires a Material change notification, they can notify their case manager of the event. The case manager will be able to confirm if a particular event is considered a material change.

When is a Material change notification not needed?

Providers are generally not required to notify TEQSA of the following likely or actual changes: 

  • changes to membership of governing body and key academic governance bodies in providers established or recognised by acts of parliament
  • significant changes to key academic policies and procedures
  • changes to terms of reference for corporate and academic bodies
  • changes to key personnel (other than changes of chief executive officer, principal executive officer or principal academic leader)
  • minor course changes arising from regular interim monitoring (for providers without self-accrediting authority).

How should a Material change notification happen?

Notifications should be submitted via email to materialchanges [at] teqsa.gov.au.

In the event of multiple changes taking place at the same time, only one consolidated notification is required.

More information

For more information on TEQSA’s approach to Material change notifications, view our Material change notification policy.

NOTE: There are no fees associated with a Material change notification.