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International engagement

International Delegation at TEQSA

TEQSA's international engagement strategy

TEQSA plays a vital role in the global quality assurance and regulation of Australia’s higher education sector – protecting the reputation of the growing, vibrant sector while safeguarding student interests.

Our International Engagement Strategy 2016-2020 builds on our mission to protect the strong reputation of the quality and integrity of Australia’s higher education sector. The strategy promotes the role, importance and effectiveness of Australia’s quality assurance and regulatory system – maintaining the solid reputation of Australian higher education both here and overseas.   

Key objectives of the four-year International Engagement Strategy include:

  • assuring the quality of Australian cross border higher education 
  • supporting Australian cross border higher education activity and innovation
  • building networks and collaborating to ensure quality.

Our arrangements for quality assurance and regulation enable us to work collaboratively with partner agencies in other countries to facilitate cross border higher education arrangements and promote confidence in the quality of Australian higher education. 

View our International Engagement Strategy 2016-2020

International students

International students have become a major part of the Australia higher education landscape. In 2017 there were over 440,000 international students studying Australian higher education awards, either here in Australia or overseas.

Almost a quarter of all higher education students (Equivalent Full-Time Student Load) are international students, with the higher education international education sector now one of Australia’s largest exports, having contributed approximately $26 billion to the economy during the 2018-19 financial year.

In 2018, international students generated over $8.4 billion of tuition fee revenue – 20.9 per cent of the total revenue of registered higher education providers.

Offshore delivery

Almost a quarter of all registered higher education providers deliver Australian higher education courses offshore.

International partnerships

TEQSA has formal partnerships with the following international organisations:

Quality Beyond Boundaries Group

QBB Singapore Meeting 2019

Delegates from the 2019 QBBG meeting in Singapore

TEQSA is a member of the Quality Beyond Boundaries Group (QBBG) – a network of international quality assurance agencies that was formed to address the growing quality assurance challenges and opportunities associated with cross border higher education. QBBG offers a platform to collaborate, share information and best practices and work together to improve quality assurance systems for cross border higher education. 

By increasing trust between member agencies, QBBG aims to achieve:

  • Mutual understanding: Develop better understanding of the policies and practices of member agencies.  
  • Information sharing: Develop means for better communication and sharing of information especially on common institutions in each other’s jurisdictions. This will assist in reducing regulatory burden, duplication of work and improve cost efficiencies.
  • Collaborative projects: Identify specific projects to encourage collaboration between agencies.

Other QBBG members include:

The 2020 QBBG meeting was held virtually and allowed participants the opportunity to discuss key issues facing the sector, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and academic integrity.

Global Conversations staff exchange program

TEQSA Global Conversations

A major objective of our International Engagement Strategy 2016-2020 is to build networks and collaborate to ensure quality through strengthening relations with international quality assurance agencies and bodies.

We have signed Memoranda of Cooperation (MoC) with a number of international regulatory and quality assurance agencies with an aim of working towards enhancing regulation, quality assurance and the student experience in higher education in Australia and overseas.

A key element of these agreements is to provide developmental opportunities for staff of both parties. To assist in achieving this, we have developed the International Quality Assurance Agency Staff Exchange Program. This program identifies and facilitates opportunities for staff exchange between TEQSA and our international partners, to share best practice and further strengthen relationships and engagement.

Delegates visiting TEQSA

We encourage delegates from our partner international quality assurance agencies to visit the TEQSA offices in Melbourne. We ask that visiting delegates give a brief presentation to our staff to provide an update on their local higher education sector. TEQSA does not cover travel costs for these visits.

Hosting delegates from TEQSA 

We value the professional development and relationship-building opportunities for our staff that an exchange placement to international quality assurance agencies brings. We require our delegates to present to your staff and provide an update on the higher education sector in Australia.

More information 

Since 2015, we have participated in staff exchange activities with a number of international agencies:

  • ASEAN University Network
  • Chinese Ministry of Education  
  • Chinese Service Centre for Scholarly Exchange
  • Committee for Private Education, Singapore
  • Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan
  • Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications
  • Japan University Accreditation Association 
  • Malaysian Qualifications Agency
  • Myanmar Ministry of Education 
  • National Institute for Academic Degrees and Quality Enhancement of Higher Education, Japan
  • New Zealand Qualifications Authority
  • Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission
  • Vietnam Department of Education and Training 

The program is managed by our International and Industry Professional Bodies Manager who can be contacted via enquiries [at] teqsa.gov.au.

International projects

APEC Quality Assurance of Online Learning Project

APEC QA of Online Learning Project

The Department of Education and Training approached TEQSA in mid-2016 to manage a project focused on the quality assurance of online higher education for countries in the APEC region. The project deliverables include the development of a Discussion Paper and Toolkit, a workshop on the Toolkit with representatives from a range of APEC economies followed by a limited number of validations in Indonesia, Vietnam and Mexico and finalisation of the discussion paper and toolkit. This work was completed in 2017. 

Toolkit to support quality assurance agencies to address academic integrity and contract cheating

Toolkit to support quality assurance agencies to address academic integrity and contract cheating

The toolkit was developed to share Australia’s lessons with our colleagues in quality assurance agencies in the global fight against contract cheating and other threats to academic integrity. It applies the principles of quality assurance to creating strong frameworks that support academic integrity.

TEQSA led the development of the toolkit which was funded by a grant from the International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE).

International presentations (English and Mandarin)