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Information for TEQSA Experts

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Overview of the Register of Experts

TEQSA uses external experts to provide advice on specific, identified elements of our regulatory assessments and reviews. Having access to a register of external experts helps us to perform our regulatory functions efficiently and to a high standard.

Our staff use input from external experts to provide advice that contributes to assessments of providers’ applications for:

  • registration as a higher education provider
  • renewal of registration as a higher education provider  
  • accreditation of a course of study
  • renewal of accreditation of a course of study.

It is important to note that external expert advice is only one input into our regulatory process and experts do not draft recommendations or make regulatory decisions.

Review of the Register of Experts

We have been conducting a review of the TEQSA Register of Experts, considering all aspects of engagement with external experts as part of our ongoing efforts to maintain the quality and reputation of the Australian higher education sector. 

We have considered adjusting the number of experts on the register to better reflect the broad scope of regulatory assessment activity, and as such, have taken the decision to create a brand new pool of expertise. 

This new pool will be created by seeking expressions of interest from the sector over the coming year, based on prioritising external expertise needs for the agency according to assessment demand. The process will be overseen by our Experts Advisory Board. The board is made up of representatives from across higher education, including: 

  • Emeritus Professor Joan Cooper, Chair Academic Board, TAFE NSW Higher Education
  • Professor Stephen Naylor, Chair Academic Board, James Cook University
  • Ms Heather Tinsley, Senior Business Development Consultant, Navitas.

Announcements regarding the opening of expressions of interest will be published through the year via TEQSA e-News, this website and our various social media platforms. 

We greatly appreciate the contributions all of our registered experts have made over the years and looks forward to working with the sector to continue to enhance Australia’s reputation as a leading provider of higher education.

Conflict of interest and experts

We take confidentiality and managing conflicts of interest with experts very seriously.

Experts engaged by TEQSA are required to declare any real or perceived conflicts of interest that might arise before they undertake assignments for the agency.

Conflicts of interest could include: 

  • any financial interest in the assignment
  • any relatives or friends with an interest in the assignment
  • any personal bias or inclination which would affect decisions in relation to their assessment of an assignment
  • any personal obligation, allegiance or loyalty which would affect decisions in relation to the assignment
  • any employment history and/or prior contracts with the applicant involved in an assignment.

Existing experts are obliged to notify us as soon as possible if they consider that they have any matters that need to be declared in light of the above.

Useful resources for existing experts

Experts may find the below tip sheet, frequently asked questions document and walkthrough video helpful when using the portal:

Experts should ensure that their contact details are always up to date. You can advise us of any changes by emailing experts [at] teqsa.gov.au.