TEQSA provider survey report and response 2022

TEQSA’s annual stakeholder consultation has been conducted each year since 2015-16 to gain insights into stakeholder views on the agency, its regulatory output and approach to risk. The annual survey also informs strategic initiatives in relation to continuous improvement, sector-wide risk management and stakeholder engagement. The results of past surveys have informed targets within the Regulator Performance Framework and TEQSA’s Corporate Plan as a measure of meeting key objectives.

Due to the significant challenges that TEQSA-regulated entities were facing in 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic, stakeholder consultations were conducted via focus groups with institution peak bodies only.

The stakeholder consultation returned in 2021 via an online survey with providers. This year again, TEQSA sought to gain insights into providers’ views on the agency’s performance, in addition to potential and/or emerging sector-wide risks.

TEQSA engaged JWS Research as an independent market research provider to conduct and analyse results of their annual stakeholder survey.