TEQSA stakeholder feedback report and response 2020

TEQSA has undertaken a formal stakeholder consultation on an annual basis since 2015-16 to gain insights into stakeholder views on TEQSA, its regulatory output and approach to risk. The feedback received also informs strategic initiatives in relation to continuous improvement, sector-wide risk management and stakeholder engagement. 

Prior to 2020, consultations were conducted via a general survey of providers and peak bodies. Due to the significant challenges that providers were facing this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was decided that the focus should shift to gaining insights of stakeholder views through peak bodies representing the sector via focus groups. 

In order to maintain independence of the feedback received, TEQSA engaged Professor Braithwaite to conduct the focus group sessions on TEQSA’s behalf. Professor Braithwaite was selected to undertake the consultations due to her extensive knowledge of both the higher education sector and the regulatory landscape. Her findings, together with TEQSA’s response can both be found below.

TEQSA wishes to acknowledge Professor Braithwaite, together with peak body organisations and their members, for their contributions to this year’s stakeholder consultations.