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TEQSA hosts a range of events for the sector including workshops, seminars, webinars, forums and the annual TEQSA conference.

Upcoming events

TEQSA 2023 Conference: Reshaping higher education

22-23 November 2023

Join us at TEQSA’s 7th annual conference as we explore the critical strategies that will prepare Australia’s higher education sector for an increasingly disruptive and competitive future. 

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Past events

TEQSA Masterclass in-person workshops

In-person workshops were held across Australia during 2023 for participants who completed the TEQSA Masterclass: contract cheating detection and deterrence.

2023 dates

  • Thursday 8 June: Adelaide
  • Thursday 29 June: Hobart
  • Thursday 13 July: Perth
  • Wednesday 26 and Thursday 27 July: Melbourne
  • Tuesday 15 and Wednesday 16 August: Sydney
  • Thursday 7 September: Darwin
  • Thursday 21 September: Brisbane
  • Thursday 5 October: Canberra

Assessment Reform for the Age of Artificial Intelligence

28 September 2023

The fifth webinar in our joint series with Deakin University’s Centre for Research in Assessment and Digital Learning (CRADLE) focussed on launching the draft Guiding principles for assessment in a time of AI.

TEQSA Assessment Experts Forum: Rethinking assessment in the age of artificial intelligence

10-11 August 2023

TEQSA brought together leading Australian experts to develop a set of guiding principles that will support institutions mitigate the risks to their assessments while also exploring opportunities for incorporating genAI as part of their educational programs.

The outputs from this forum will be shared with all registered Australian higher education providers for feedback to support the develop of guidance to facilitate sector-wide uplift.

This approach follows feedback we have received from multiple providers and academics seeking further information to support decision-making and to protect assessment integrity.

Generative AI: what do researchers need to know?

18 July 2023

The emergence of genAl is shifting research practices in new and unforeseen ways. For those who conduct research and train researchers, it presents a conundrum: how to take advantage of its affordances while guarding against poor use or even misuse?

This fourth webinar with CRADLE explored the potential and pitfalls of genAI with respect to research and research training.

The impact of generative ChatGPT on higher education – what have we learnt?

5 June 2023

The third webinar in our joint series with Deakin University’s Centre for Research in Assessment and Digital Learning (CRADLE) focussed on how much hyped generative artificial intelligence technology is unfolding in reality from institutional governance, regulatory, academic integrity and educational technology research perspectives.

ChatGPT – how should educators respond?

1 March 2023

TEQSA in association with CRADLE presented the second webinar in the Implications of Generative Artificial Intelligence for Higher Education series.

This series of webinars address what is known at present about generative artificial intelligence (AI), implications for learning, teaching and assessment and how such technologies might transform higher education into the future.

ChatGPT – what do we need to know now?

15 February 2023

TEQSA in association with CRADLE presented the first webinar in the Implications of Generative Artificial Intelligence for Higher Education series.

Sixth Annual TEQSA Conference: Fit for the Future – Leadership, Quality, Integrity

23–24 November 2022, Sofitel Melbourne on Collins and online

Details about the 2022 conference are available from the TEQSA Conference 2022 page.

Fifth Annual TEQSA Conference: Hard Lessons, Valuable Learnings, Heightened Expectations

25 November 2021, Virtual

Details about the 2021 conference are available from the TEQSA Conference 2021 page.

Fourth Annual TEQSA Conference: Partnerships Driving Quality

27-29 November 2019, Sofitel Melbourne on Collins

Details about the 2019 conference are available from the TEQSA Conference 2019 page.

National Academic Integrity Workshop Program

October to December 2019

TEQSA delivered a series of workshops across Australia produced by a team of experts from the field, led by Associate Professor Tracey Bretag from University of South Australia, with Dr Guy Curtis, University of Western Australia, Dr Christine Slade, University of Queensland, and Dr Margot McNeill, International College of Management Sydney. 

The half-day workshops focused on how providers can promote a culture of academic integrity within their higher education institutions. Additionally, they explored current practices available to providers to combat contract cheating and the challenges providers face implementing these practices. 

The workshops were held in 18 locations throughout Australia and the learning outcomes from the workshops will form the basis of an academic integrity toolkit. The toolkit will be published in 2020, building on TEQSA’s existing Good Practice Note: Addressing contract cheating to safeguard academic integrity.

Academic Integrity Forum (Students)

26 November 2019

This half-day workshop focused on promoting a culture of academic integrity within higher education institutions.

Graphic recordings from the forum are available.

Risk Assessment Framework Workshop Series

July to September 2019

This consultation series was convened as an opportunity for TEQSA to receive feedback directly from higher education providers to discuss our approach to the Risk Assessment Framework (RAF). In turn, the workshops offered providers an opportunity to learn more about TEQSA’s approach to risk assessments and to assist us in our planning for future risk assessments by engaging with the TEQSA Commission and senior staff in considering the next iteration of risk assessments.

Workshops were held in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth and were attended by over 80 per cent of higher education providers.

Experts Workshop Series

February to July 2019

One of the key phases of the Experts review project involved the development of a formal engagement program for TEQSA Experts, with the objective of creating a range of meaningful and relevant programs that instil a sense of community and shared professionalism among the expert membership.

A large component of the program included developing a suite of workshops aimed at enhancing the capability of Experts, by outlining the context of Expert reports in the assessment process, together with discussion around TEQSA’s expectations of assignments. The content was developed in consultation with, and delivered by, TEQSA case managers.

These workshops were to be the first time TEQSA had brought Experts together. A pilot workshop was held at TEQSA in February 2019, followed by a national rollout from May to July 2019. The all-day sessions were delivered in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney to a total of 106 Experts, representing close to 60 per cent of the 182 held on the database at the time.

An inaugural Experts Annual Forum has also been created as part of the wider Expert engagement strategy, with the sessions developed from workshop feedback to align the content with Experts’ needs.

TEQSA and Professional Accreditation Bodies Forum

December 2018

The forum provided stakeholders with an opportunity to discuss and further develop approaches to streamlined regulation and enhanced information sharing between TEQSA and our MoU partners. 

The forum brought together representatives from a range of industries, presenting case studies of approaches to negotiate recommendations put forward by the Higher Education Standards Panel to reduce regulatory burden on higher education providers. 

Third Annual TEQSA Conference: Innovation, Excellent, Diversity

28-30 November 2018, Grand Hyatt, Melbourne

Details about the 2018 conference are available from the TEQSA Conference 2018 page.

Quality Enhancement Forum Series: Quality assurance of online learning Melbourne

November 2018

The forum was convened as an opportunity for higher education providers and TEQSA to examine the quality assurance landscape and emerging trends associated with online learning and its delivery in the Australian higher education sector.  It was also an opportunity to discuss the role of TEQSA in supporting the quality assurance and enhancement of online courses. 

Experts from Australia and New Zealand presented research and discuss examples of best practice in online learning, with student representatives set to discuss the positives and negatives of studying online.

Participants also discussed enhancements to the quality assurance of online learning in small group discussions led by sector representatives.

The presentations were video-recorded and are available on our YouTube channel.

Forum presentation slides

Second Annual TEQSA Conference: Students, Quality, Success

29 November – 1 December 2017, Grand Hyatt Melbourne

Details about the 2017 conference are available from the TEQSA Conference 2017 page.

Quality Enhancement Forum Series: Academic integrity and contract cheating forum

Melbourne, October 2017

TEQSA invited stakeholders to the second Quality Enhancement Forum Series to discuss the Good Practice Note: Addressing contract cheating to safeguard academic integrity

The Good Practice Note offers specific, practical advice to address contract cheating. Associate Professor Tracey Bretag’s presentation was followed by a panel discussion centred on the recommendations to address contract cheating in relation to five critical areas outlined in the Good Practice Note.These areas include:

  • policies to promote academic integrity
  • policies and procedures to address academic integrity breaches
  • actions to mitigate risks to academic integrity
  • the provision of academic integrity guidance, and
  • good practices to maintain academic integrity. 

The forum was video-recorded and is available on our YouTube channel.

Quality Enhancement Forum Series: Student attrition in higher education fora series July 2017

The TEQSA Commission launched the TEQSA Quality Enhancement Series with two workshops to discuss the report on Characteristics of Australian higher education providers and their relation to first-year student attrition.

The forum provided an opportunity to discuss student attrition, identified by TEQSA as a major risk factor for higher education providers. Indeed, it is the most common indicator of high risk to students across the sector. TEQSA undertook a study of first-year student attrition to determine whether institutional characteristics might identify factors which are associated with higher attrition rates.

The study provided details on institutional characteristics which may be associated with higher levels of attrition in 130 higher education providers. It grouped together similar providers and sought out common institutional characteristics that could be linked to higher levels of attrition. The decision to focus on institutional characteristics, and not characteristics of individual students, was led by TEQSA’s regulatory approach which assesses each provider.

Inaugural Annual TEQSA Conference: Sharing Excellence: Assuring Quality

9 November 2016, Park Royal Hotel, Melbourne Tullamarine Airport 

The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) inaugural conference, held in collaboration with Higher Ed Services (HES), attracted huge support from the sector with 420 people from 95 institutions attending. 

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