TEQSA initiative wins global recognition

The TEQSA Assessment Experts Forum and the guiding principles which arose from this event, outlined in the paper Assessment reform for the age of artificial intelligence (Assessment reform guiding principles), have received global recognition as one of 3 winners of the 2024 Tracey Bretag Prize for Academic Integrity.

The Assessment reform guiding principles were developed to support the sector in considering the risks and opportunities of generative artificial intelligence (gen AI) to teaching, learning and assessment. They were launched by a panel of the lead authors at the 2023 TEQSA Conference.

Since launching, the Assessment reform guiding principles, which are available on the TEQSA website, have been downloaded more than 10,000 times.

Congratulations to the team of 17 experts who partnered with TEQSA in this initiative, led by the steering group of Associate Professor Jason Lodge (The University of Queensland), Associate Professor Sarah Howard (University of Wollongong), Professor Margaret Bearman and Professor Phillip Dawson (Deakin University).

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