Enhancing TEQSA’s guidance notes

To support TEQSA’s ongoing work to improve the efficiency of our regulatory operations and support greater self-assurance within the higher education sector, we have commenced a project to enhance TEQSA’s suite of guidance notes for registered higher education providers.

This work will reinforce the role of guidance notes to provide guidance that focuses on a specific section of the Higher Education Standards Framework (2021) while drawing attention to connections with other sections and highlighting potential compliance issues.

Following sector feedback during consultation last year, this project will ultimately reduce the number of guidance notes from 32 to 28 to ensure each guidance note aligns with a section of the standards framework. Sector feedback has also informed the development of a new, simpler template for guidance notes.

The first three guidance notes in the revised suite to be published on our website are:

TEQSA will keep providers updated on our progress in updating the guidance note suite, including opportunities to provide feedback, through the monthly TEQSA e-News and our social media channels (subscribe to e-News).

If you have any questions about this project, please email standards@teqsa.gov.au.

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