Continuing support for international students

TEQSA has recently updated the students section of our website, including links to resources that may be of use to international students.

With return to full compliance with the ESOS Act and National Code of Practice for Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students from 1 July 2023, TEQSA encourages all providers to continue prioritising the sharing of information with international students about:

  • steps they should take to locate and secure accommodation that suits their needs before arriving in Australia to ensure they have suitable accommodation when they arrive
  • how to remain safe and seek support when living in shared accommodation
  • common scams targeting overseas students such as those related to visa and immigration status, course fees, and accommodation and rental conditions
  • their workplace rights and obligations should they wish to work while studying in Australia, including updated information about work restrictions
  • support services available to assist them in adjusting to study and life in Australia
  • requirements for on-campus course attendance and progress, as appropriate.
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