Assessment reform for the age of artificial intelligence – feedback invited

In consultation with leading Australian experts, TEQSA has supported the development and launch of proposed guiding principles and propositions (Assessment Reform Guiding Principles) for assessment reform in the age of artificial intelligence.

The discussion paper, Assessment reform for the age of artificial intelligence, seeks to support staff and institutions to reflect on the integrity of their assessment regimes and opportunities for incorporating generative artificial intelligence (genAI) into their educational programs. It was launched at a one-hour webinar on 28 September.

GenAI’s arrival and rapid enhancement presents challenges to the integrity of many traditional assessment tasks. To support the sector in meeting this challenge, the Assessment Reform Guiding Principles capture the essence of considerations required to reform assessment to manage both risks and opportunities. The Assessment Reform Guiding Principles draw on the combined guidance of experts in artificial intelligence, assessment design and academic integrity in higher education in Australia.

TEQSA is now inviting feedback on the discussion paper, including the guiding principles and propositions.

The consultation closes at 5pm (AEDT) on Friday 20 October.

In late November, following the consultation, the final Assessment Reform Guiding Principles will be launched as part of the annual TEQSA Conference.

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