Artificial intelligence request for information – next steps

On Monday 3 June, TEQSA issued a request for information (RFI) to all registered higher education providers. We asked providers for a credible institutional action plan, oversighted by the appropriate governance mechanisms, to address the risk generative artificial intelligence (gen AI) poses to award integrity.

The RFI asked providers to respond by Wednesday 3 July through the provider portal. Thank you to all providers who have responded. We are now moving to the analysis stage of the RFI.

Within the coming months, the Higher Education Integrity Unit (HEIU) will comprehensively review the information received from providers. This review will focus on the way institutions are adapting teaching, learning and assessment approaches to account for gen AI.

During the review period, we will also follow-up with any providers who have not made a submission, or whose plans are insufficient or not achievable, to understand the barriers and encourage them to meet their obligations. If a provider continues to fail to submit an action plan, we will consider whether it is appropriate to use regulatory tools.

Once the review is complete, and where the HEIU identifies that a provider is offering an innovative or interesting approach, we will seek to develop case studies and resources to support the sector. These resources will be developed with the provider’s permission.

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