12 months since the launch of the TEQSA Masterclass: Contract cheating detection and deterrence

TEQSA is leading Australia’s regulatory and educative approach to prevent, detect and respond to commercial academic cheating services that threaten the integrity of Australian higher education.

In April 2023, TEQSA launched online training, Masterclass: contract cheating detection and deterrence, to support Australia’s higher education sector in the ongoing fight against academic cheating services. This world-leading approach ensures academics and staff at all Australian institutions have access to expertise and training to uphold award integrity. To date, Australia is the only country to have made such an investment.

Since its launch the high-quality of the Masterclass, which was developed in partnership with Australian academic integrity experts, has drawn interest from regulators overseas and access has been extended to staff in Aotearoa New Zealand’s higher and vocational education sectors.

The online Masterclass has received 3220 registered users since launching, with academics and professional staff from Australian higher education providers and New Zealand tertiary providers participating.

This free, self-directed course remains available online to academic and professional staff. The course is available for professional development, and the online format allows academics and staff to enrol and complete the course at a time that suits them.

Additional in-person Masterclass workshops were also held in all Australian capital cities between May and October 2023, and attended by almost 500 people.

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