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This page provides information of interest to higher education providers.

TEQSA information sheets, papers and FAQ documents

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How TEQSA rates risk indicators

[PDF 146KB, 3 pages]

Info sheet

Risk ratings: Examples of relevant context and provider controls that TEQSA considers 

[PDF 150KB, 4 pages]

Info sheet

Presentation of a TEQSA risk assessment (and example risk assessment)

[PDF 329KB, 14 pages]

Info sheet

TEQSA’s Approach to Risk Assessments of Stand-Alone ELICOS and Foundation Program Providers

[PDF 65KB, 4 pages] [DOCX 2 MB, 4 pages]

Info sheet

Regulation of third party arrangements

[PDF 1MB, 2 pages]

Info sheet

Shortening or cancelling a period of accreditation

[PDF 129KB, 2 pages] [DOCX 2.3MB, 2 pages]

Info sheet

TEQSA’s approach to regulating the offshore provision of regulated higher education awards

[PDF 180KB, 6 pages] [DOCX 1.4MB, 6 pages]

Info paper

TEQSA’s approach to the assessment of joint and dual awards

[PDF 170KB, 5 pages] [DOCX 1.4MB, 5 pages]

Info paper

TEQSA's approach to financial assessment

[PDF 1MB, 3pages]

Info sheet

Shortening a period of registration or cancelling registration

[PDF 224KB, 2 pages]

Info sheet

eLearning and compliance with the Threshold Standards

[PDF 1.12MB, 2 pages] 

Info Sheet

International Providers in Australia

[PDF 47KB, 3 pages]

FAQ document

TEQSA and ELICOS regulation

[PDF 55KB, 3 pages] [DOCX 2MB, 3 pages]

FAQ document

TEQSA and the Australian Qualifications Framework

[DOCX 218KB, 8 pages] [PDF 140KB, 8 pages]

FAQ document

Good practice resources for providers

TEQSA has identified a number of good practice resources which may help providers in developing or improving their quality assurance systems and processes.

A snapshot of TEQSA

This document provides an overview of TEQSA’s regulatory role and approach. It is available in English and Chinese language versions.

TEQSA's public disclosure policy

This document outlines TEQSA's approach to public statements about regulatory actions and issues.