Provider portal

The new provider portal is an initiative to make it easier for higher education providers to engage with TEQSA, by submitting applications and responding to information requests online.

Access to the provider portal is by login only - case managers will supply login and password details to providers as required. 

Features of the portal include:

  • providers can work progressively on applications online
  • the ability to access both TEQSA and CRICOS application forms, upload documents and links as evidence, and submit multiple applications to TEQSA
  • generate a PDF version of your application at any time to check an application’s progress
  • edit evidence (including the ability to delete documents) in any section up until an application is submitted
  • respond to information requests online and submit any additional evidence that may be requested

The portal also acts as a document repository that allows providers to reuse documents already submitted to TEQSA online as part of other applications or information requests. 

TEQSA staff will have access to the provider portal to assist with any questions or administration, including maintaining the document repository, however TEQSA case teams will only commence work on applications following submission and the receipt of payment. Such access will typically only be used when requested by a provider in order to address questions or assist the provider in some way.

TEQSA welcomes feedback on the provider portal and will work to progressively implement improvements.

Provider portal walkthrough video

This video provides an overview of the TEQSA provider portal. It shows how to create, manage, submit applications, and update and submit requests.

Frequently asked questions about the provider portal

This document contains frequently asked questions for using the TEQSA provider portal. Contact your Case Manager if you have additional questions.

Sample online forms

Sample application form screenshots from the provider portal can be found on the Application forms and guides page.