Information publication scheme

The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) is subject to the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act) and is required to comply with the Information Publication Scheme (IPS) requirements.

This page ensures TEQSA fulfils the requirements of the IPS by allowing you to search and access the information the Agency is required to publish.

Some of the information you can find on this website includes:


Senate Orders

Senate Continuing Order 12 requires the production of files relating to policy advising functions, the development of legislation and matters of public administration, not later than the tenth day of the spring and autumn sittings. Case related files, those related to internal administration of a department or agency, and those files transferred to the National Archives, are specifically excluded.

Given the terms of the order, the nature of TEQSA's responsibilities and TEQSA's records management system, TEQSA has not been required to provide a response to the order to date.

Freedom of information disclosure log

Section 8(2)(g) of the FOI Act requires agencies to publish information in documents to which the agency routinely gives access in response to FOI requests. 

The role and functions of TEQSA

Functions and powers under the TEQSA Act 2011

Statutory appointments

Budget Papers

Portfolio Budget Statements released as part of the Federal Budget. TEQSA’s budget statement is incorporated into those of the Department of Education.

Annual reports

Current consultations being run by TEQSA

TEQSA organisational structure

TEQSA Corporate plan 2016-20

TEQSA Service Charter

TEQSA’s Service Charter explains the Agency’s commitment to the people it deals with, including higher education providers, members of the public, current and prospective students at Australian higher education providers, experts and peak bodies with responsibility for representing the sector we regulate.

TEQSA Operational Plan 2014-15

[PDF version, 118KB, 6 pages] [word version, 141KB, 6 pages]

Disability Action Plan

[PDF version, 145KB, 8 pages] [word version, 194KB, 8 pages]

TEQSA’s procedures for APS Code of Conduct determinations

[PDF version, 45KB, 2 pages]

TEQSA’s procedures for APS Code of Conduct determinations, made publicly available under subsection 15(7) of the Public Service Act 1999.

Agency Multicultural Plan

[PDF version, 178KB, 9 pages] [word version, 146KB, 9 pages]

TEQSA encourages feedback on its Agency Multicultural Plan. You can do so by emailing  

Workplace diversity program 2013-16 

[PDF version, 211KB, 10 pages] [word version, 377KB, 10 pages]

Contact: FOI Coordinator Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency GPO Box 1672 Melbourne VIC 3001